Simplewe,Commercial purif

Cong Rong intelligent water purifier combines Internet and IoT. In addition to the function of water purification, it is actually a platform of intelligent interaction and community service. Customers can monitor water quality, temperature in real time through APP, and this APP has realized the online functions of shopping, community exchange, etc. Cong Rong intelligent water purifier can meet the needs of users in all directions, making the drinking habits of people healthy and convenient.

Simplewe gives you full extensibility and fast ROI.

  • Layer-by-layer filtration, small molecular group water
  • Imported DOW RO membrane, strong booster pump
  • Automatic computer control, ensuring normal operation
  • Scan QR Codes with phone to make payments by APP, WeChat, Alipay
  • Cloud receives repair instructions to inform after-sales personnel of maintainence
  • Intelligent layered boiling, separating unboiled water from boiled water
Item Description
Dimension 1200×620×1900 ( mm )
Weight of Machine 140 ( kg )
Outlet Boiled water/Direct drinking water/Cup-drop mouth
Filtration System Aerospace-grade American Dow RO800 reverse osmosis+11G pressure barrel
Rated Power 12KW
Power Supply 380V-50Hz
Water Pressure 100-400 ( KPA )
Drink Types Black tea/Green tea/Healthy tea
Advertising Screen Indoor 32 inches
Main Applications Shopping mall, gym, airport, hospital, service area, school, etc