Simplewe, Household-water

Cong Rong household water purifier relies on Internet and IoT, along with the terminal of mobile APP, has built the client that combines commercial and household use, putting an end to the potential risks of direct drinking water and follow-up endless maintenance costs. It has built-in WIFI, fully monitored by mobile phone, customers can monitor the home water purifier remotely and control the machine operation in real time, reminder of door-to-door service is also provided to let users enjoy after-sales service.

Simplewe gives you full extensibility and fast ROI.

  • RO antiosmosis American DOW/GE filter material
  • Import coconut shell sintering activated carbon
  • Frequency-conversion water saving technology, intelligent waste water adjustment
  • 400 GAL low-speed booster pump
  • Lead-free water-purifying tap, high-quality pipeline
  • Cloud smart home, monitor water quality in real time
Item Description
Product Name Cong Rong IoT intelligent water purifier
Product Model E2-RO-400G
Dimension 480×260×440(mm)
Net Weight 12kg
Rated Total Pure Water Volume 1200L
Water Flow 3.0L/min
Water Pressure 0.1-0.4MPa
Application Environment 5-38℃ municipal water
Rated Voltage 220V
Rated Frequency 50 Hz
Rated Power 64W
Electric-shock Preventing Type Type II
Product Executive Standard Number Q/YM 001-2015 household antiosmosis water purifier(machine)
Outlet Water Quality Accord with the requirements of “Sanitation Safety and Function Evaluation Standard of Water Quality Processor of Domestic Drinking Water” (2001)