1.  Can Simplewe work within a budget?
Yes, Simplewe can assess your project and provide a solution according to your needs that produces the most effective result, and we will give you budget constraints.

2. How does Simplewe assure QA standards?
Our factory are ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified, and the supply chain structure is based on a manufacturing execution system (MES), our products are traceable from BOM level to the end.

3. Can Simplewe design a high-quality solution?
Of course, we have experienced engineers and quality assurance. We are definitely devoted to our work and research which can contribute to forming high-quality solutions that meet your needs.

4. Can Simplewe manage my whole project from start to finish?
Yes, we can. Simplewe offer clients professional advice, with services designed to turn a new product idea from concept through to production.

5. What support options are available?
Product life cyclemanagement; End-of-life design; Product modifications; Ongoing product service.

6. What additional services are available?
We can work with clients to discuss some problems that they had not thought of which can help them lower costs and increase profits.