Sinmplewe, XU7-1612

XU7-1612 is a compact, high-performance, and low power consumption GNSS engine board.It uses the chipset which can track up to 56 channels at a time and perform fast TTFF in weak signal environments.

Simplewe gives you full extensibility and fast ROI.

  • High performance and low power consumption GNSS Chipset
  • Very high sensitivity
  • Extremely fast TTFF (Time To First Fix) at low signal level
  • Three serial ports
  • Compact size suitable for space-sensitive application
  • One size component, easy to mount on another PCB board
  • Support NMEA 0183 and u-blox binary protocol
Item Description
Frequency L1 frequency band
Code C/A Code
Protocol NMEA 0183 v4.1
GALILEO L1 open service (with upgrade)
Default: GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC
Support: VTG, GLL, TXT u-blox binary and NMEA Command
Available Baud Rate 9,600 bps
Channels 56
Sensitivity Tracking: -161dBm
Reacquisition: -160dBm
Cold Start: -147dBm
Cold Start 29 seconds, average
Warm Start 28 seconds, average
Hot Start 1 second, average
Accuracy Horizontal Position: Autonomous<2.5maverage,
SBAS < 2.0m average
Velocity: 0.1 m/s
Time pulse signal: RMS 30 ns
Type 24 pin stamp holes
Dimensions 16.0mm * 12.2 mm * 2.4mm ±0.2mm
Power Consumption Max Performance: Acquisition:49mA
Tracking: 42mA
Eco Mode: Acquisition:48mA
Power Save Mode: 16mA
Update Rate 1 Hz
A-GPS Assist Now on-line and off-line